Major Guides: Education, Health, and Human Sciences

Art Education Major Guide for 2011-2012

Art education is for individuals who decide to pursue art and teaching as a career. Art educators teach art in the public and private schools, museums, after school and summer programs and more.

Child and Family Studies Major Guide for 2011-2012

Child and Family Studies (CFS) is the scientific study of child and family development.  CFS students learn how social systems and societal institutions are interconnected in ways that either foster or hinder the development of children, youth, and families. 

Kinesiology Major Guide for 2011-2012

Kinesiology is the study of human movement and the associated responses and adaptations. Although kinesiology professionals often work in sports medicine facilities, the field of kinesiology is quite broad. Coursework in kinesiology prepares you for the job market or for further schooling in exercise science and/or health related fields such as physical therapy, medicine, and occupational therapy.

Nutrition Major Guide for 2011-2012

As a foundation for the Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition you will study basic sciences, including chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and physiology. You will also study psychology in order to better understand the factors that govern food choices and health behaviors, as well as management skills to help you deliver services effectively.

Recreation and Sport Management: Therapeutic Recreation concentration Major Guide for 2011-2012

A concentration in therapeutic recreation prepares students for employment in management and leadership positions with agencies that deliver health care services and communities that offer therapeutic recreation services. Students will become proficient in using recreation experiences to treat patients with illnesses, disabilities, or social problems, and help them achieve an independent and satisfying lifestyle.

Retail and Consumer Sciences Major Guide for 2011-2012

The major in Retail and Consumer Sciences provides students with a thorough knowledge of the retailing industry, complemented by business principles and theories related to providing goods and services to consumers. Students gain sufficient specialization and professional experience to be immediately productive in an entry-level management position in the ever changing, fast-paced world of retailing.

Special Education: Communication Disorders Concentration Major Guide for 2011-2012

Communication Disorders is an undergraduate program that prepares students for graduate study in either Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology. The undergraduate courses are pre-professional in scope and in combination with Audiology and Speech Pathology courses and general education courses provide an interesting and broad-based education.