Italian Major Guide for 2011-2012

What is Italian

The Italian major provides students with an overall view of Italian culture, economy, history, and society. Courses on conversation and composition as well as on Dante, Machiavelli, Italian Opera, Women in Literature, Italian Cinema, etc. expose students to Italy’s cultural treasures and current affairs. Italian studies are tailored for students interested in art, literature, music, politics, and Italian business. The major is particularly appealing to students who love to learn and experience other cultures, speak other languages, travel, and wish to work for American companies doing business in or with Italy.

Career Opportunities in Italian

A major in Italian opens the window to several career opportunities. With over 60 million people speaking Italian outside of Italy, there is a growing need for teachers, interpreters, and translators. Also, as Italian commerce continues to grow worldwide, graduates may find employment opportunities in various sectors of the economy, including high fashion, tourism, foods, textiles, home decorating, etc.. Italian business expansion in the world, especially the import / export industry, offers career opportunities in international law, travel industry, and the Foreign Service. Italian majors, especially those with a concentration in Language and World Business, have a great opportunity to find a job with an American or an Italian company either in the States or in Italy. Students who take advantage of our study abroad programs increase their career opportunities, since most companies prefer employees with the resourcefulness normally associated with life abroad.

Salary Trends in Italian

An Arts and Sciences degree can propel students in limitless directions. Majors are not always the deciding factor as to what career path is followed. As with any degree, pre-professional experiences (volunteerism, work experience, internships, etc.) enhance the chances of obtaining desired employment and further affect the projected salary.

High School Preparation

No previous preparation is required for students wishing to study Italian. We recommend that while in high school students take courses in other foreign languages, including Latin. They should also take courses in European history and politics, and should not pass the opportunity to travel abroad. The best preparation is enthusiasm and an open mind.

How to Major in Italian

The Italian major consists of 30 hours in Italian courses numbered 311 and above. Students may choose between a concentration in Language / Literature or Language and World Business (LWB). Most students, however, get a major in Italian with a concentration in LWB, which requires an internship with a company doing business with or in Italy.

Special Programs, Co-ops, and Internships

The Language and World Business concentration of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures sponsors co-ops and internships for students both in the United States and abroad. For specific information, contact the program director of the LWB program at

Highlights of Italian

The Italian Club, run by UT students, sponsors a series of programs and social events throughout the year. The Italian Table (Tavola Italiana) is a weekly event where students come to speak the language and converse informally with their instructors and other native speakers. Other highlights include the Italian immersion weekend, Italian Cinema Series, and the Italian Culinary Evening. The Festa Italiana (Italian Party) is a semester event for students to enjoy lots of Italian food and listen to other students singing famous operas.

Ready for the World logoReady for the World

Students are encouraged to spend a summer, a semester or a full year studying and traveling in Italy. For more information, see our web site at  We have study abroad pro­grams, such as the UT Summer Program in Urbino (a six credit, five-week program in Italy) and International Student Exchange Program. Through ISEP, students spend a semester or a year studying at an Italian University, pay UT tuition, and receive appropriate transfer credit.

Learn more about UT’s Ready for the World initiative to help students gain the international and intercultural knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world.

Sample Curriculum

Following this four-year plan will help you stay on track to graduate in four years.  Milestone courses have been identified as the minimum courses that must be completed.

Freshman Year Credit Hours
English Composition 6
Italian 111, 112 6
Natural Science Lab Sequence 8
Quantitative Reasoning 6-8
Social Science 3
General Elective 0-2
Milestone courses: English 101, Quantitative Reasoning (3 hrs), a social science (3 hrs) and Italian 111-112
Sophomore Year Credit Hours
Non-US History Sequence 6
Natural Science 3
Italian 211, 212 6
Arts and Humanities 6
Social Sciences 6
Communicating Orally 3
Milestone courses: English 102, natural science (3-4 hrs) and Italian 211-212
Junior Year Credit Hours
Italian (major) 18
Arts and Humanities 3
Upper Division Electives 6
Social Science 3
Senior Year Credit Hours
Italian (major) 12
Upper Level Distribution 6
Communicating Through Writing 3
General Electives 8
GRAND TOTAL (minimum) 120

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