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Social and Spatial Implications of Gasoline Price Increases

Dr. Guangqing Chi, an Assistant Professor of Sociology and a Research Scientist at the Social Science Research Center of Mississippi State University, will present his research on gasoline prices and traffic safety. His presentation draws on traffic crash data from Mississippi, Alabama, and Minnesota and residential relocation data from the American Housing Survey to address the associations of gasoline prices with traffic safety and residential relocation. Higher gasoline prices are found to be associated with fewer households relocating but a higher percentage of movers moving closer to workplaces. Gasoline prices have been in an uptrend since 2002. If this trend continues, higher gasoline prices could lead to centralization and high-density development, the reverse of the decentralization and low-density sprawl that have been experienced in the past two centuries.

Dr. Chi's research on gasoline prices and traffic safety has been highlighted more than 2,000 times by numerous domestic and international news agencies, websites, and blogs as of 2011. Much of his published work has appeared in internationally prestigious journals such as Demography, Regional Studies, Urban Studies, Journal of Transportation Geography, Rural Sociology, Accident Analysis and Prevention, Annals of Regional Science, Growth and Change, and Population, Place, and Space.


1210 McClung Tower

University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996


Wednesday, 13 March, 2013

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