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MFA Thesis exhibition reception

MFA Thesis Exhibition

In partial fulfillment of their graduation requirements, students pursuing the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree are required to mount a solo exhibition of work, and to defend their work during an oral examination in front of a faculty committee. Due to the number of graduate students enrolled in the UT School of Art, these exhibitions generally take the form of small groups of students presenting concurrent solo exhibitions in the gallery space.

Natalie Harrison


Natalie Harrison works with a wide range of materials including fabric, paint, plastic and twine. With these materials, she creates work that is both painting and sculpture. The fabric is often manipulated into three-dimensional forms and the paint is molded into beads. The ideals of beauty are confronted in these pieces.

Alex McClurg


Growing up in Alabama provided me with a wealth of amazing folk artists, quilters and motorcycle badasses. With these pieces, I began with the idea of motorcycles and quilting, which transformed into something much more personal.

Hannah Short


Within my own understanding of the hierarchy of space and how my objects converse with one another, I draw from the everyday by referencing the mundane, banal, less-noticed, and perhaps under-appreciated characteristics of actual and remembered environments. I have a fascination with obscure clays and dry glazes that calls for constant exploration and experimentation, allowing me to maintain a playful and child-like approach where I embrace happenstance and even delight in the accidental.

For additional information on this exhibition or lecture, please call the Ewing Gallery at 865.974.3200

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The Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture

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Friday, 12 April, 2013

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