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Buggy Buffet - Insect Smorgasbord

Looking for a tasty – and unusual – afternoon snack? You're invited to dine on a delicious array….of insects and bugs! Chefs from UTIA's Entomology and Plant Pathology Department will prepare and serve a number of dishes where insects are the main course. Past recipes have included "Cricket Stir Fry," "Grasshopper cookies" and the "Buglogna Sandwich," which is fried bologna covered in mealworms.
"Buggy Buffet" is free and open to the public. Anyone can sample the dishes. Drinks to wash down the insect carcasses will also be offered. More than 300 people – including a number of homeschooled students – attended last year's event. This is the 7th year for "Buggy Buffet."
This particular delicacy might not sound appetizing to some, but insects are actually a large part of the diet for many people in other parts of the world. UTIA experts say insects could be a growing food source to feed an expanding global population.
UT freshmen students in the department's First Year Studies 129 class titled "A Bug's Life" are also helping with the event.
A silent auction will also be held in conjunction with the "Buggy Buffet." Numerous insect-related items and artwork will be available to purchase.


Ellington Plant Sciences Hollingsworth Auditorium

, TN


Thursday, 07 November, 2013

Who to contact


Jerome Grant

Phone: 865-974-0218