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Computational/Applied Math Seminar

SPEAKER: Tim Truster, CEE, UT

TITLE: Stabilized Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Modeling Material and Structural Interfaces

ABSTRACT: A framework is presented for deriving a Discontinuous Galerkin interface method from an underlying Lagrange multiplier formulation. The approach hinges upon the use of the Variational Multiscale method to derive stabilizing terms that enable the condensation of the Lagrange multipliers at the interface. In the process, explicit expressions arise for the numerical flux and penalty parameter that account for variation in the material properties and element geometry. The framework has been applied in the area of solid mechanics problems to accurately and efficiently tie together nonconforming distorted meshes and heterogeneous materials. The numerical flux terms also provide a natural mechanism to embed constitutive models for interfacial response. As motivating examples, the extension of the method and associated numerical results are shown for capturing delamination in composite materials and for incorporating physics-based friction models into simulations of bolted mechanical joints.


Ayres Hall

Room 123
, TN


Tuesday, 04 February, 2014

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Phone: 974-2463