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Fort Box: World's Largest Cardboard Box Fort

"The Up to Us initiative gives motivated students the chance to make a difference and raise awareness of an issue that is critical to their futures. A growing movement of millennial voices is a key part of solving one of the most significant challenges facing our nation." -Peter G. Peterson

Twenty-four schools across the country are competing inUp to Us, a project of thePeter G. Peterson Foundation,Clinton Global Initiative University(CGI U), andNet Impact. "The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of our country's fiscal and economic future, and encourage students to make their voices be heard on this critical issue,"said Peterson, cofounder and chairman of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

UTstudents can't avoid it. America can't avoid it. The future is approaching faster than ever - so let's build ours for the people, planet and prosperity! This Friday at Pedestrian Mall,UT Recyclingand theOffice of Sustainabilityare partnering with 'Up to UT' to raise... Fort Box! Fort Box will serve as a visual representation of the increasing national debtandwe get to break the record for the largest fort constructed out of cardboard boxes.

Over the last four weeks,UT Recyclinghas set aside 5,000 boxes, a fraction of their monthly campus collection, for this Make Orange Green promotion. Participants can choose to write their name on a box as a (paperless!) pledge to put more effort into reducing their personal waste. So swing by between classes. Take a walk on your lunch break. Join us on campus to find out how playing with boxes can help us build a sustainable future for UT... box by box.

Volunteer Sign-Up

Sign up to help with the construction of Fort Box. Anyone can volunteer for up to three shifts, but you must work a minimum of2 hoursto receive points for your RecycleMania team. Volunteers will be working in small task-driven focus groups (tapers, transporters, builders), buteveryoneis welcome to help build the fort.

For more infomration or to sign up as a volunteer, visit the UT Recycling website.


Pedestrian Walkway

Andy Holt Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37916


Friday, 21 February, 2014

Who to contact


Candice Lawton

Website: Click to Visit