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Honors Community

Late-night study sessions.  Group projects discussed at Hodges Library.  Students traveling together to present at an honors conference.  Guest speakers and special dinners every week in Morrill Hall.  Grabbing hot chocolate on a cold day in the Honors Lounge in Melrose Hall.  Getting hooked on Honors Service-Learning.

The staple feature of honors at UT is community.  Honors students collaborate in pursuit of academic excellence.  They stimulate and challenge each other, but they also engage in mutual support.

Honors-caliber students typically participate in a learning community, which facilitates the creation of tight-knit and supportive academic communities around focused educational goals.  Students of engineering, agriculture, and architecture, for example, have their own living and learning communities, as do members of the Chancellor’s Honors Program. The Baker Center has a Baker Learning Community for Civic Engagement, and University Housing also offers several learning communities to join.

Honors Students in the Community

Honors students also participate in community outreach and serve as high-profile leaders on campus and beyond.  Individual achievement is balanced by commitment to others.

Photo of UT students at an International House function