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Honors Course Work

Cutting-edge topics.  Dynamic faculty.  Discussion-intensive formats.  Great student colleagues.  Special course enhancements and enrichments.  A challenging path through General Education course work.  In-depth studies and special topics across disciplines and majors.

While open to all, honors courses are designed for the student in hot pursuit of the highest levels of academic achievement.  Over 100 honors courses are offered in the undergraduate curriculum every year.  Whether they are a member of one or more of UT’s many honors programs, students have the option of intensifying and enriching their academic experience by enrolling in these special course offerings.

Honors courses in the past have included “The Civil War in Modern Memory,” “Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature and Film,” “Can Markets Save the Environment?,” and “Theory and Representation of the Holocaust.”

University Honors (UH) Courses

The Chancellor's Honors Program offers a variety of interdisciplinary topics from which students may choose. Visit the CHP website for a comprehensive list of upcoming or current honors courses offered at the following levels:

  • » Chancellor's Honors First-Year Seminar (UH 100)
  • » University Honors 200-Level Courses
  • » University Honors 300-Level Course

Departmental Honors Courses

Additionally, many departments offer honors courses and honors concentrations within the major.


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