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Departmental Honors Programs

Academic departments across UT’s nine undergraduate colleges sponsor most of UT’s honors course work, and many departments offer their own departmental honors programs.  While any student may usually enroll in any honors course, admission to departmental honors programs is highly selective and occurs at the time students declare a major in the department.  Departmental honors programs provide an intimate setting for close faculty-student interaction in disciplinary research and discipline-specific intercultural and international learning. Coordination for UT’s many honors programs is facilitated by the University Honors Committee.

For example, the Department of Mathematics’ Math Honors Program is supported by a $1 million National Science Foundation Grant, which allows the Math Honors Program to provide generous scholarships to students who intend to pursue advanced education in mathematics. 

The Department of History Honors Program provides an extensive honors curriculum in support of the study of the methods of historical research and historiography, while the Department of Classics offers honors concentrations in Latin, Greek, and Classical Civilization. 

The Department of English Honors Program offers numerous upper-level honors courses and seminars as well as Honors English Composition (ENG 118), a staple of the university’s honors curriculum for first-year students. 

The range of departmental honors programs and course offerings is considerable.  Even departments that do not offer formal honors programs typically provide limited-enrollment honors sections of introductory courses, which greatly enhance and enrich the university’s General Education curriculum.

Additionally, many departments offer honors courses and honors concentrations within majors.


Departmental Honors Programs

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