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Honors Programs at UT

The University of Tennessee offers its most academically accomplished and exceptionally talented students a nationally distinctive system of honors programs and opportunities.  UT’s honors programs provide a range of academic challenges, enhancements, and enrichment opportunities that facilitate the honors students’ quest to realize their full academic potential.  UT honors students also enjoy substantial scholarship support through the guaranteed and competitive scholarship award process, as well as numerous additional academic privileges and benefits.  Members of UT’s honors programs are among the university’s most intellectually curious and creative students, most active and high-profile student leaders, and most successful and admired alumni.

A student may enter UT as a member of the Chancellor’s Honors or Haslam Scholars Programs, or she may earn admission as a current student to Chancellor's Honors or one of UT's growing number of departmental and college-specific honors programs. Regardless of her chosen path, she will enjoy the company of other ambitious students of high ability.

All UT honors students will benefit from the four cornerstones of honors at UT: enriched and enhanced coursework, living and learning communities, undergraduate research, and international and intercultural learning. In this way, individual honors paths intersect, weaving the rich tapestry of our vibrant student culture and helping to make the University of Tennessee an especially stimulating venue for exceptional academic achievement.

Who Should Apply, and How?

Incoming first-year and sophomore transfer students should consult the Chancellor's Honors website for admissions information. Returning students should consult college and department websites for pertinent honors admissions and retention procedures and policies. Those wanting to be Baker Scholars can apply to the program during their freshman year or later.

Still Have Questions?

All questions regarding admissions and university-wide policies are best directed to the Chancellor's Honors Program, which is the hub at the center of UT's expanding system of specialized honors opportunities.


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