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RFTW Leadership

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An executive committee oversees the initiatives of RFTW in coordination with a broadly representative steering committee.

The executive committee includes:

  • Provost Susan Martin
  • Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Sally McMillan
  • Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Sarah Gardial
  • Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School Carolyn Hodges
  • Associate Provost Pia Wood, who also directs the Center for International Education

The steering committee includes representatives drawn from the faculty and administration of the academic colleges, students, the Council on Diversity and Inclusiveness and other campus constituencies.

The following are the names of the Steering Committee Members:

  • Amy Blakely, Assistant Director of Media Relations
  • Neal Eash, Associate Professor of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science
  • Rita Geier, Special Associate to the Chancellor
  • Robert Hinde, Professor of Chemistry
  • Pam Hindle, Associate Registrar
  • Carolyn Hodges, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
  • George Hoemann, Assistant Dean of Distance Education
  • Barbara Klinkhammer, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Architecture
  • Jan Lee, Professor and Associate Dean of Nursing
  • Ada Leung, Graduate Assistant in Child and Family Studies
  • Ebone Lipsey, Student Assistant in Undergraduate Admissions
  • Gayle Lodato, Coordinator III in the College of Social Work
  • Susan Martin, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Michael McFall, Assistant Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Jake Morrow, Research Associate II in Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Kristi Nelms, Assistant Director of University Housing
  • John Peters, Professor of Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Anton Reece, Director of the Student Success Center
  • Kelly Robbins, Professor of Animal Science
  • Jane Row, Associate Professor of Library Studies
  • Jon Shefner, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Global Studies
  • Kim Smith, Student
  • Gregory Stein, Professor and Associate Dean of Law
  • Sam Swan, Professor of Journalism and Electronic Media
  • Donna Thomas, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
  • David Woehr, Professor of Management
  • Pia Wood, Associate Provost and Director of the Center for International Education
  • Yang Zhong, Professor of Political Science

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