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Ready for the World

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Proposal Awards Committee Meeting Schedule

Submission must occur at least two weeks prior to the committee meeting dates


  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 14
  • December 12
  • January 10
  • February 13
  • March 13
  • April 10
  • May 8


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Special Project Proposals

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As part of Ready for the World; the Intercultural and International Initiative, the Provost calls for proposals from University Faculty, Staff, and registered Student Organizations for special projects explicitly designed to improve undergraduate education and further one or more of the Ready for the World Initiative Goals and three or more of the Ready for the World Student Learning Outcomes. 

Ready for the World Initiative Goals

  • Improving faculty capacity and engagement in international and intercultural education.
  • Transforming the undergraduate curriculum to enhance international and intercultural content.
  • Bringing the intercultural/international world to the University.
  • Taking the University to the world.

Ready for the World Student Learning Outcomes

Internationally and interculturally competent undergraduate students of the University of Tennessee Knoxville will:

  • be knowledgeable of their own culture
  • be knowledgeable of domestic and international cultures other than their own
  • be knowledgeable of world geography, global economics, international politics, various religions, philosophies, histories, languages, literatures, or arts
  • be knowledgeable of sustainable practices
  • be able to demonstrate intercultural communication concepts
  • be able to evaluate the impact of historical forces on the modern world
  • be able to explain the causes of domestic and global social problems
  • be able to identify and summarize concepts of interdependence
  • be able to identify and describe significant global agricultural issues
  • be able to recognize and give examples of significant global and domestic health issues
  • be able to recognize global systems, processes, social constructs, trends, and issues

Examples of appropriate projects might be speakers, performances, exhibits, workshops, program events, conferences, and travel to negotiate formal relationships with cooperating institutions of higher learning in other countries.

Examples of appropriate projects might be speakers, performances, exhibits, workshops, program events, and conferences.

Priority consideration will be given to the following:


  • On-campus activities with broad impact.
  • Activities that provide curricular and/or co-curricular opportunities for international/intercultural awareness and understanding.
  • Student organizations that are engaging in activities or sponsoring events that have either an international or intercultural focus.

Some funds may be available for domestic travel for enhancing international/intercultural awareness and understanding—particularly if there is good evidence that students participating in the trip will return to UT and use their new awareness and understanding to build programs that will have a broad impact on other UT students.

Faculty & Staff

  • On-campus activities with a broad impact.
  • Activities that provide curricular and/or co-curricular opportunities for international/intercultural awareness and understanding.
  • Travel expenses for faculty will be considered only when the primary purpose of the trip is to establish programs that focus on key student learning outcomes. Typically, faculty travel will only be funded for an initial trip to a given location.
  • Seed money to establish long-term projects or exchanges with international institutions, after which these exchanges should be self-supporting.

Note: The Center for International Education (CIE) has funds available for faculty who are traveling abroad to establish exchange relationships with international institutions, as well as to set up study abroad programs. Proposals of that nature should first request funding from CIE, and then from the Global Action Committee for unfunded balances.

The following activities are not funded:

  • International travel for students.
  • Faculty or staff salaries or supplements.
  • Expenses associated with formalized, on-going exchange programs.
  • Direct support to charities, political, social, or other special interest organizations.

Proposals for projects to be carried out in fall and spring semesters may be submitted throughout the year, with awards announced beginning in September. Proposals must clearly relate to the stated goals and learning objectives of the RFTW Initiatives. Proposals should be submitted at least two months prior to the start date for the project and at least one week prior to the RFTW meeting where it is to be reviewed. The Global Action Committee (GAC) will consider proposals monthly. Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded and may be spent for any non-salary expenses as long as the outcomes will further the needs of the project as described in the proposal. It is expected that proposed projects will seek matching funding from appropriate sources (e.g., departments, colleges, CIE).

Each proposal must include*:

  • A cover sheet
  • A project narrative of 1500 words or less, including an explicit statement on its impact upon undergraduate education.
  • An itemized budget for the amount requested.
  • Any documentation of contact with International/Intercultural institutions.
  • Vita of the applicants (5 pages or fewer).
  • Endorsement letters from Department Head and Dean for faculty/staff proposals or from the faculty advisor to the student organizations.

*The committee reserves the right to not review proposals not containing above items.

Please submit an electronic copy to Dr. Sally McMillan:


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