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Show your Big Orange spirit with Big Orange emojis.

These emoji-like stickers can be easily shared in text messages and on social media. Check back often for more scenes from Vol Nation. Scroll down for instructions.

Around Campus

whirlwind-emoji tailgate2-emoji tailgate1-emoji PatSummitStatue-emoji PatSummit-emoji parking-emoji orangeheart-emoji musicnote-emoji orangebackpack-emoji orangedress-emoji smokeygraypolo-emoji checkerboardbowtie-emoji book-emoji torchbearer-emoji hammockfall-emoji hammockfallsleeping-emoji hammock-emoji hammocksleeping-emoji pedbridgetorch-emoji pedwalkwayseal-emoji bigorangecrane-emoji HSS-emoji HSSbuilding-emoji ArtNArchitectureBuidling-emoji ayershall-emoji hodgeslibrary-emoji HodgesAtNight-emoji Tbus-emoji orangescooter-emoji bikeorange-emoji rock-GoVols-emoji rock-utk16-emoji rock-utk17-emoji rock-utk18-emoji rock-utk19-emoji rock-utk20-emoji elements-emoji atom-emoji orangebeaker-emoji smokeysafetygoggles-emoji orangesafetygoggles-emoji

Vol Life

cap-emoji study-emoji coffeetea-emoji orangerainboots-emoji orangeumbrella-emoji foamfinger-emoji checkerboardoveralls-emoji smokey-emoji smokeyinablanket-emoji smokey-howl-emoji prideofthesouthland-emoji volforlife-emoji bigorangefriday-emoji checkerboardTN-emoji TBA-emoji neylandstadium-emoji football-emoji battleatbristol-emoji golfbag-emoji tennis-emoji track-emoji baseballsoftball-emoji sandvolleyball-emoji

How to Use Big Orange Emojis

  1. Open this page in your mobile device’s web browser and add it to your bookmarks.
  2. Hold your finger on the sticker you want to use.
  3. Select “Copy.”
  4. Switch to your messaging app.
  5. Tap the text field and select “Paste.”
  6. Alternatively, you can save the stickers to your camera roll and send from there.